What if Trump doesn't sink the Republican Party?

We already know that an electorate can be happy with a president and dislike his party. Why can’t the reverse be true? Barack Obama, for example, carried healthy approval ratings for the majority of his presidency, yet voters decimated his party over six years. What if there’s a faction of Republican voters who don’t like Trump but still don’t like Obama’s policies?
As high as Trump’s unpopular ratings remain, and its constant theme in the media, elections are still a choice. For instance, Congress’s low ratings as an institution are a mirage. Despite what you may have heard, it is actually one of the most popular institutions in America. Everyone loves his or her member of Congress. They just hate yours. Handel will likely be in her position as long as she pleases, because incumbents win more than 95 percent of races.

If the average Republican is willing to look past Trump’s sins (and obviously many GOPers like him outright) they can start weighing many other factors. They may, for instance, understand that voting for Ossoff is not only a vote against Trump but a vote for progressive liberals like House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who holds a 91 percent disapproval rating with the sixth district. This is the choice.

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