Trump’s White House media blackout has reporters talking mutiny

“I find their reliance on off-camera briefings to be very frustrating,” a White House correspondent who has covered the Obama and Trump administrations told The Daily Beast. “If I can’t include video of my questioning, it makes me wonder why I shouldn’t just skip the briefing and rely on email to get answers.”…

But the solution to that problem, Nuzzi said, isn’t to follow Acosta’s suggestion that the press corps start boycotting the briefings.

“I think that’s what they’re hoping for—an easy out from doing their job of informing the public by answering to a free and independent media,” Nuzzi said. “If the White House is going to continue to attempt to avoid the press in favor of communicating through press releases and presidential tweets, let’s cover the shit out of that and highlight, as often as possible, how ridiculous and abnormal this is becoming.”

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