Globalism and why we hate each other

What leads voters to move from general frustration to utter contempt? While hardly the only reason, we shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that the current escalations in political rhetoric and acts of violence are divorced from these broader globalist trends. They should be understood instead as another inevitable consequence of perceived disempowerment and disenfranchisement.

What the constitutional framework offers us is a way for government to be given this stamp of legitimacy while protecting the essential rights that a majority might remove from a minority. Our system understands, as Thomas Jefferson did, that at some point people will respond to powerlessness with violence. It is therefore designed as a network of steam pipes with valves all over the place to release the pressure naturally built up underneath it.

Today, the centralized power among the leaders of the global tech industry – who have little use for free speech and religion, and are thoroughly onboard with the Messianic aims of the environmental movement and the redefinitional aims of the anti-family movement – are steadily prodding governments to seal up the valves and the hatches. In a world where all the companies agree, what use are they after all?

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