Two years ago, they couldn’t look away. Now some Trump supporters are tuning out.

Cotton usually votes for Republicans, but she couldn’t bring herself to vote for Trump — or for Democrat Hillary Clinton. Now that Trump is president, Cotton said, she is willing to give him a chance to “spread his wings and see what he can do” — and she wishes others were willing to do the same.

In deep-red Texas, Cotton said, her friends, neighbors and co-workers have largely stopped talking about politics and the president; it’s just too divisive. She recently purchased an Ivanka Trump-branded blouse and then worried that wearing it might offend someone.

Cotton watches the local news in the morning, but she’s not following what’s happening in the White House as closely as she followed the campaign. Her parents watch Fox News nearly all day long, but her mother admits that she doesn’t know much about the Russia investigations.

“All of this stuff just makes you hate politics,” Maddox said. “All of it is just so negative. I don’t think I’ve heard so much junk during any other presidency.”

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