Sorry, Newt, the right must tone down the vitriol too

These few examples — and there are many more — are clearly indicative of a presidential candidate-turned-president who has done more than his share to poison the rhetoric surrounding our politics and to make it seem acceptable to use violence against those who oppose you or don’t like you.

Couple that with the hostility, disrespect and disdain that Trump has used in speaking about women, African Americans, Latinos, Muslims, people with disabilities, nursing mothers, POWs and countless other Americans, and you definitely have a recipe for disaster brewing in the cauldron of putrid, poisonous political discourse.

While none of this should be an excuse to use violence against anyone, ever, I underscore it to make the point that Trump’s hands — and those of other Republicans — are by no means clean, and they absolutely do not escape blame in what we have become. None of us do.

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