Jake Tapper to Bernie Sanders: Does "revolution" rhetoric inspire people to violence?

SEN. BERNIE SANDERS: Well, I think there’s sometimes rhetoric on all sides that are not quite acceptable.

Jake, my hero, political hero, in recent American history is Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. And King not only advocated nonviolence. What he understood is that the only way you make real change, whether it is racial justice, whether it is social success, economic justice, is when millions of people come together, stand up and fight back.

That’s what we have to do right now. But we don’t do it in a violent way. That is unacceptable, and, in fact, counterproductive. Now, right now, what we are seeing in Washington with this health care bill, where the Republican leadership wants to throw 23 million Americans off of health insurance, raise premiums for older workers, defund Planned Parenthood, cut Medicaid by over $800 billion, this is the worst piece of legislation to have passed the Congress since I have been in Congress.

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