It's come to this

New moms on Instagram have launched a new trend to combat “rape culture”: They are asking their infants for permission before picking them up.

According to Heat Street, the trend began last week after Nisha Moodley, mother of 6-month-old Raven, made an Instagram post featuring a selfie with her son and an explanation of her new parenting style, complete with a “endrapeculture” hashtag. Moodley claimed she can “feel for his ‘yes’” after she asks to hoist him up:

“Since the moment he was born, we’ve always asked before we pick him up. I always feel for his “yes”. Why? Because we want him to know that his body is his, and that others’ bodies are theirs, and no one gets to make choices about someone else’s body. #lessonsinsovereignty #bornfree #endrapeculture Sidenote [sic]: If you ever want to hold someone else’s baby, my suggestion is to ask the parent, then ask the kid. It always touches my heart when someone takes a moment to connect with him and says “Can I hold you, dude?””

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