Impatient for impeachment: How will Trump deal with a stacked deck?

On Capitol Hill, Republicans have unleashed seemingly endless hearings about possible collusion between Trump associates and Russians. The FBI has been investigating this since last summer and found no evidence. But Democrats are convinced acts of collusion will be found somewhere if they keep looking for them long enough. If Republicans balk, they’ll be accused of a coverup.

Nor has the media given up on the collusion narrative. In all those media stories about Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law, the implication was he might be part of the plot. But what was cited as possible evidence were Kushner contacts with Russians after the election.

A writer for the Washington Post defended the paper’s coverage of Trump as unbalanced but fair. It’s Trump’s fault the coverage is wall-to-wall. He refuses to share the spotlight. But fair? The mainstream press, with a few exceptions, has long since abandoned fairness toward Trump. There’s even a new word for its anti-Trump posture. They’re “oppositional,” similar to Democrats and the left.

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