Does even Mike Huckabee believe the ridiculous things he tweets these days?

What sets Huckabee apart from the rest, however, is that his coasting has seen him de-evolve into an increasingly absurd stereotype of a right-wing pundit and activist, and all while staying in character as a golly-gosh-gee Southern yokel.

He’s not all that interested in the details of good governance, good legislation versus poorly-written legislation and the like. No, now it’s all about fighting the liberal media and liberal Hollywood and the elites and their liberal professors!

He’s part televangelist and part Minuteman – but he’s all American, y’all!

Huckabee playing the role of the folksy Southerner is not new. He has been doing this sort of thing for years. The fascinating thing about his post-governor public persona, however, is that it seems like it has grown more absurd over the years as he has abandoned any pretense of subtlety.

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