A message from Ohio: Would Trump voters choose him again?

This would suggest that Mr. Trump has been hemorrhaging political support. And maybe he has. Yet even as the President has inspired higher levels of disapproval, Americans have become slightly more optimistic. Another RealClearPolitics average shows that since Inauguration Day the percentage of Americans who think the country is moving in the right direction has modestly increased, while the number who believe we’re on the wrong track has declined. It seems that Americans don’t much care for Mr. Trump but think they might like his results.

As always, voters say the economy is their top concern, so their preferences on this issue have particular political importance. Among the more negative of the approval surveys included in the RealClear average is the recent Reuters/Ipsos poll, which found that a full 58% of survey respondents disapprove of Mr. Trump’s handling of the job of President, compared to just 38% who approve. Yet in the same survey, which has a sample population that skews Democratic, Mr. Trump gets a 47% approval rating on the issue of employment and jobs, versus 46% who disapprove. Whatever they think of the messenger, a lot of Americans like the message of U.S. economic resurgence.

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