Megyn Kelly is getting played. And America is the big loser.

Instead of probing Putin on geopolitical topics he might struggle to answer, e.g. his support of Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad, Russian airstrikes deliberately targeting civilians in Syria (and failing to target ISIS), journalists and dissidents critical of him being murdered, anti-gay laws in Russia, or the concentration camps housing gay men in Chechnya, Kelly fired after question after question about interference in the election—questions that Putin easily dodged, chalking it all up to Russophobia. There was nary a follow-up question in sight.

Far from a Mike Wallace or Christiane Amanpour, Kelly is a rank amateur when it comes to the art of the sit-down. On The Kelly File she mostly presided over panelist shouting matches, assuming the eye of the tornado role. Her biggest interview to date came in May 2016 when, after calling her every name in the book, she chose to treat then-candidate Trump with kid gloves. Putin chose Kelly for the same reason he chose Oliver Stone: they are easy marks. And rather than interrogate and expose him, Kelly and Stone have granted Putin huge platforms to propagandize to stateside audiences.

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