House Republicans, you can still run away from Trump

Look at you now: supine, terrified, waxing as belligerent as a dry drunk if anyone reminds you of the men and women you were when you ran for office, or prods you to live by the rules and principles you have campaigned on, led with, and pretended to protect. Appeals to your principles are outweighed by your fear of President Donald Trump and his mouth-breathing mob.

You’ve shredded every vestige of even pretending to be limited-government conservatives. You’ve abandoned the needs of your districts and states in service to the boundless ego and quicksilver moods of Trump. Warning you of the dangers of a president who has seen his approval numbers tumble into the mid-30s seems pointless. Your Panglossian belief that as long as Trump is strong with the Republican base you’ll be immune to future troubles is seemingly unassailable by reason.

Reminding you that you represent not just the Republican Party or the House GOP caucus or even conservatism seems pointless as well. You may once have believed in limited government, the rule of law, and the essential separation of powers, but now you live in a constant twitchy state of moral and political flexibility as Trump expects you to tug your forelock at his every wackadoo tweet. You went from the party of Buckley and Burke to the party of Breitbart and Bannon. It’s not a good look for you.

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