Eric Bolling: I'll run for Senate eventually

Bolling, who has previously filled in for O’Reilly and Hannity, calls his new show “fantastic,” but also relishes solo hosting. “I love the one-on-one, getting into an interview, getting someone on the hot seat,” he says.

For now, Fox News seems fully invested in Bolling. “His insight is valued, and we are pleased to have him at the network for many more years to come,” Scott says. Bolling, however, may eventually take an entirely different career turn. He confirms that the Trump transition team floated the Commerce Secretary job by him, but he demurred, saying the greater temptation would have been as a senior advisor, shaping policy in the White House.

And he says he ultimately has sights on another chamber: “When the lights go down on my TV career, the next step is running for Senate.”

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