Brain-computer interfaces are coming: "Consensual telepathy," anyone?

Just a few weeks after Musk launched Neuralink, Facebook announced that it was working on a way to let people “type” by thought alone.

The goal is to build a device that would allow people to compose up to 100 words per minute, according to Regina Dugan, head of Facebook’s Building 8 research group.

Dugan also suggested that the device could work as a “brain mouse” for augmented reality, or AR, removing the need for hand movements to control cursors, the Verge reported.

Facebook has also been light on the details. The company has said it does not think implants are feasible in the long term, so it’s focusing on developing some kind of cap that could track brain activity noninvasively, probably by using optical imaging.

In the meantime, Facebook said that, within two years, it plans to create a prototype implant.

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