"It was wrong and I own up to that": Bill Maher apologizes for joke with racial slur

Then he brought on Michael Eric Dyson to have an honest discussion about his use of that word and why it offended so many. Dyson asked him why he apologized for this when he has dismissed apologies from liberals for offending people’s sensibilities in the past.

Maher acknowledged he has said that, but also made the point that he has also said in the past that there are things that people should apologize for. And his use of the n-word last week, he said, was worth apologizing for.

Dyson spoke with Maher at length about the history and weight of that word that still lingers today. Maher made it clear that “it wasn’t said in malice” and talked about the mind of a comedian like his that looks to provoke and occasionally crosses a line.

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