Comey's testimony confirmed that he's a self-serving operator

Trump “lied” about the reasons for my firing, whined Comey. No, he didn’t. If Trump said that Comey’s lousy judgment had caused “turmoil” at the FBI, that’s because it did.

That Comey characterized Trump’s comments about a demoralized FBI as a “lie” should discredit the rest of his testimony. It just underscored the straining, self-serving character of his appearance. He showed up not to defend an “independent” FBI but to justify his own dubious tenure at it.

And now it turns out that this great Niehburian conscience of Washington is a self-confirmed leaker. He had a “friend” pass a memo to the New York Times in an attempt to parry the president, he testified. Only a navel-gazing flake like Comey — he left Catholicism for relativistic Methodism — would be deluded enough to think that such admissions enhance his credibility. Instead, they just confirm what a self-serving operator he has always been.

How many other memos did Comey leak to the New York Times? None of the fawning, drippy senators were going to ask him that. Comey is clearly responsible for the leaks to the Times after Trump’s infamous tweets about Obamagate.

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