Bill O'Reilly: I may be back on TV soon

“We’re living in a pretty vicious age now. Whoever I work for is going to have to have a lot of courage to stop the far left from attacking sponsors and spreading lies about people,” said O’Reilly, who reigned for two decades as the king of cable news until his top-rated show, “The O’Reilly Factor,” was axed by Fox News in April.

O’Reilly, who now hosts a Monday-Thursday podcast on, said his new venture has a drawn “hundreds of thousands” of fans.

“I may come back to television, or I may continue on the net,” he said. “We tweeted [Thursday] during the [former FBI Chief James] Comey hearings. Three million people were involved with the tweeting that I did on that. This is a very powerful medium, as is Newsmax.”

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