Trump's closest allies warn that it's time to stop tweeting

“The tweeting makes everybody crazy,” said Trump’s close friend Tom Barrack, chairman of Colony Northstar, at a Bloomberg conference in New York Tuesday. “There’s just no gain in doing it.”…

Privately, Trump’s allies had already dialed up pleas to Trump to lay off Twitter and focus on efforts to set the agenda in Washington. That effort has had little effect, said one Trump supporter and GOP consultant. That is perhaps because at least one other close Trump confidant, Republican operative Roger Stone, has encouraged Trump to remain unleashed on Twitter, two people close to Trump said.

“The president has always said that he wanted to buy a newspaper, and Twitter has filled that void — in fact, he notes it’s a newspaper without the losses,” said Sam Nunberg, a former Trump campaign aide who was fired but remains a supporter. “There’s a method to the madness.”

Trump friend Chris Ruddy, the president and chief executive of, said he thinks Trump should implement an internal White House review process for his tweets before hitting send. “There’s nothing wrong with the tweeting,” he said, but a backstop would be smart.

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