Trump's approval rating is better than Bill Clinton's at this point in his term

Different polling outfits put Trump at varying levels of approval, but the RealClearPolitics average had him at 39.8 percent Tuesday, while the weighted average from FiveThirtyEight had him at exactly 39 percent. Not great numbers, but still better than Clinton. On Day 138 of his presidency, just 37.8 percent of Americans approved of the job he was doing, according to FiveThirtyEight.

If you compare where each president stood at this point in the Gallup tracking poll, however, the two are deadlocked. The most recent Gallup survey pegged Trump’s approval at 37 percent, the exact same figure the polling company found for Clinton in early June 1993. Trump’s disapproval rating in the survey was far higher, however, outpacing Clinton at 57 percent to 49 percent.

A number of factors were blamed for Clinton’s low approval at the time. The economy wasn’t exactly humming along. There were the beginnings of an ethics controversy over the White House travel office. Clinton also allowed gay people to serve in the military under the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy that angered people, both for allowing gay people to serve and for not treating gay people equally.

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