The pro-Trump Internet and the alt-right are turning on Breitbart

Another Trump supporter and member of the MAGAsphere on Twitter suggested that the site has lost its edge after Bannon left to run Trump’s campaign. “We read (past-tense) [Breitbart] because their news cycle was stuff we were interested in reading, and it seems Bannon was the person driving that vehicle,” this person, who wished to remain anonymous, said. “With him unable to do that in his job with POTUS, BB just doesn’t have the stories that interest us anymore.”

Jack Posobiec — a pro-Trump Twitter personality — echoed that sentiment. “People in MAGA world don’t really look to [Breitbart] for breaking news as much as they used to. It’s more like The Hill or Roll Call,” he said.

In pro-Trump circles, that perceived pivot may prove to be enough to turn away devoted readers. “New right” blogger Mike Cernovich noted that “the media market has no need right now for another Hill,” he said. “We need more sites like what Breitbart was and what the Daily Caller is doing. It’s a massive mistake to try to pivot to the mainstream, especially if you’re on the right.”

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