Travel ban case pits thoughtless Trump against reckless radicals

This morning, not two days removed from yet another deadly terrorist attack in Britain, our commander-in-chief went on a Twitter tirade:

The ACLU was of course quick to fire back with its own taunting tweet:

There is absolute nothing comforting, strategic, or responsible about this ludicrous tit-for-tat. Trump’s rant couldn’t have been any more damaging to his administration’s Supreme Court case if he were trying to lose it. It’s the job of a responsible litigant to know the court and to behave in a way that optimizes his chance to win. In this case, Trump knows, or should know, that a solid majority of the court has demonstrated a willingness to look beyond the four corners of the legal document at issue in reaching a decision. There will be judges who examine Trump’s behavior, and railing against that fact doesn’t change it, so it’s incumbent upon Trump to act like a grown-up.

Moreover, his tweets demonstrate a continued ignorance of basic civics. Does he still not understand that he runs the Department of Justice? Does he still not understand that if he wanted the DOJ to defend his original executive order, he could have simply told them to do so, rather than withdrawing it and signing the “watered down” version he now rails against? Does he not understand that even now he could rip up the revised order and reissue the “tougher version” he claims to prefer?

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