Morning Joe: Trump "clearly has a personality disorder"

Deutsch added he believed Trump “clearly had a personality disorder.”

“As far as why he does things that seem to be self-destructive and seem to go against him, I think he clearly has a personality disorder,” Deutsch said. “When you have a personality disorder, you need to create drama to feel alive. I’m not a clinician, but that is kind of the analytical behavior of what he does.”

No “sane, rational” person would undermine his own administration’s case before the Supreme Court, Scarborough said, nor would one publicly criticize the London mayor after last weekend’s terrorist attack.

“Even the most evil, cynical person would restrain themselves during that time, because they knew it would cut against their best interest,” he said. “This man sitting in the White House, he does not think rationally anymore … It’s getting worse by the day, is it not?”

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