Is this Mike Flynn’s secret Twitter account?

Facebook allows users to customize a URL for their page. But instead of putting his real name in his URL, Flynn opted for the jazzier phrase “zulutym,” which appears to be shorthand for Zulu Time, military terminology for Greenwich Mean Time. As is the case with most common words or phrases, the screen name’s correct spelling is already registered (on Facebook by a West Point restaurant), which evidently forced Flynn to adopt an inventive spelling. The alternate spelling “zulutym” appears almost nowhere else on the internet besides an unused Instagram with “MTFLYNN” in the biography, and an apparently anonymous Twitter account.

The zulutym Twitter account, registered in May 2010, shows just eight Tweets since its creation (though that doesn’t account for any Tweets that were deleted after posting). Zulutym follows 38 people, the earliest of which were center- and right-of-center news personalities. Its first follow was McClatchy reporter Andrew Malcolm, followed by The Daily Caller, Newt Gingrich, and the self-titled “Conservative Millennial” Guy Benson. Later, his following patterns appeared to swing toward more fringe or hard-right personalities, including Ann Coulter and talk radio host Mark Levin.

Zulutym followed Sen. Marco Rubio before he followed Trump.

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