Concerns in White House over Trump's lawyer

Wrong experience: Kasowitz, known as a New York “street brawler,” has represented Trump on everything from a fraud claim to defamation suits and against newspaper accusations of sexual misconduct. A number of advisers inside and close to the White House worry his talents won’t transfer naturally to dealing with the national security apparatus in Washington.

Inadequate supporting cast: Names floated in news reports include legal stars like Theodore Olson. A source close to the White House says there’s not much chance of this: “All the names you’ve seen aren’t going to work out.”

Says it all, from a source: “With lawyers, there’s a pride in taking on tough clients. If you are defending the President and came on board now, … you weren’t part of the problem originally. … I don’t think there’s any sort of stench that attaches to that … [T]he larger deterrent is the structure of working for longtime ad hoc confidant Kasowitz … [T]hat’s not a slam on Kasowitz, but an acknowledgement that he’s been fighting different battles and played to Trump’s instincts, which would not be helpful here.”