High-stakes Georgia race puts pressure on Dems

And the always-unpredictable Trump could shake up the race. Trump tweeted his support for Handel after she advanced to the runoff and he traveled to Atlanta to headline an April fundraiser that brought in $750,000 for her campaign, although he hasn’t weighed in lately.

“The big question for Karen Handel: where is Donald Trump and what is he doing the last two weeks of this race?” Garrett said. “At the end of the day, whether you like it or not, he’s part of the definition of this race.”

The race still comes down to turnout, and if the first few days of early voting and registration are any indication, the electorate could be larger than in April’s primary.

As of Wednesday, almost 8,000 people registered to vote since a federal judge ruled to reopen voter registration. And since early voting began on Tuesday, there are already huge numbers showing up to the polls, particularly in DeKalb County, a Democratic-trending part of the district which is a promising early sign for Ossoff.