What Trump’s voters continue to see in him that Washington can't

If you want the Supreme Court to call balls and strikes and not overstep its bounds by legislating from the bench, you will be dancing in the street for decades thanks to Donald Trump’s inspired pick of Neil Gorsuch.

If you are a hard-working American who wants jobs and growth, you think it is a good idea for House and Senate Republicans to embrace Trump’s proposed tax cut for job makers, which would double the deduction for couples to $24,000 a year. A little Viagra for our economy is okay.

If you are the Saudi royal family, you’ve seen the president of the United States bring the leaders of 50 Muslim-majority nations together to listen to America. You’ve seen President Trump look you in the eye, call on you to extinguish “Islamic extremism” and exhort you to “drive out the terrorists from your places of worship.” You’ve heard the president say your private funding of terror has to end.

If you want to see a stronger NATO, where currently only 4 of 28 nations have met their 2 percent funding commitments, you think it is time an American president let Europe know we cannot shoulder the world’s burdens alone without those nations honoring their word.