Stephen Miller aiming to expand influence from domestic affairs to national security and foreign policy

But Miller is trying to take on a second role—a power move known only to a handful people in the White House and across the administration. The nationalist firebrand has elbowed his way into national security and foreign affairs, trying to push the U.S. government to adopt hardline stances on refugees and other international issues.

The series of moves has so horrified administration officials that they’ve created a paper trail to try to keep Miller from implementing his nationalist goals for international issues—spelling out the consequences of disobeying court orders, for example, that prevent Trump from further curtailing the number of refugees coming into this country.

Among those documents, officials told The Daily Beast on the condition of anonymity, is a guidance paper from the Justice Department about the legal liabilities the administration would incur for flouting a judge’s order on refugees…

Accordingly, officials see Miller’s intrusions through the White House’s Domestic Policy Council, which reports to him, as an attempt to deliver red meat to Trump’s anti-immigration and nationalist voters.

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