God save America from naive princelings

When you suggest “using Russian diplomatic facilities in the United States for the communications” – basically, a ‘SCIF’ or Secure Compartmentalized Information Facility, a room that’s considered bug-free and safe for communicating secret information – you’re basically announcing that you’re doing something that you want to hide from your own government’s counterintelligence agencies.

The version of Kushner’s discussion in the Post sounds terrible; Fox News offered a differing account, contending the Russians suggested the idea using their secure facilities. You’d like to think that even with zero professional foreign policy experience, Kushner would recognize, “that is a terrible idea. That means Russian intelligence will be able to listen to our discussions, but not U.S. intelligence. I’m basically inviting the FSB to the discussions, but not the National Security Agency.”

I don’t care how much you hate the alleged “deep state” or the NSA or the CIA or the FBI counterintelligence guys. All of the employees at those institutions take an oath of loyalty to the country and to the Constitution. No one in Russia’s government takes that oath. Everyone in the Russian government must be assumed to be acting in Russia’s interest first, which may or may not align with America’s interests, and certainly does not align with America’s top national security interests. If you trust the Russians more than you trust the Americans… and you see your interest more aligned with the Russian government than with the American government… whose side are you really on?

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