Hillary Clinton's team is worried the Resistance doesn't want her

But according to sources close to Clinton’s inner circle, she’s yet again failing in her quest to win over motivated Democrats. POLITICO reports that her top aides are getting frustrated that they simply can’t force progressives to adopt Clinton as their leader.

Reportedly, Clinton had planned to lay low through the winter, studying her campaign postmortems in order to re-emerge on the political scene with a strong message in the spring. They apparently expected her to be warmly received, and cast into the role of a “central resistance figure.”

But in the time Clinton spent licking her wounds and imbibing Chardonnay, the Democratic Party moved on. The “resistance” coalesced, and determined both its priorities and its strategy without her leadership. Even Chelsea Clinton’s breakneck tour of awards dinners and daytime talk shows wasn’t enough to keep Clinton goodwill alive.

The response to her efforts to internalize the “resistance” language and appropriate their mission has been almost wholly negative.

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