Trump couldn't cut Sean Spicer a break and let him meet the Pope?

Along with his love of chewing gum, the other thing we all know about Mr. Spicer is that he is the sort of Irish American who drinks Guinness, owns a pair of shamrock trousers and who has made TV appearances on Ash Wednesday with the mark of the cross prominent on his forehead.

He is a proper Catholic, even giving up alcohol for Lent this year. (As a lapsed Irish Catholic myself, I know faith when I see it.)

This week, when President Trump traveled to Rome, should have been the moment when those merciless public flayings all became worthwhile for Sean Spicer. If working for the President was a career goal, then meeting the Pope was surely a life goal.

Leaving Spicer out of the audience with Pope Francis at the Vatican this week, while more junior members of the White House were present, could have been no accident.

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