The world is problematic: Why Trump visited Saudi Arabia

There’s a whole world out there. Who could have guessed that not everyone in it conforms to the latest moral tests invented by America’s crusading journalists? Someday these writers might discover in horror that their tax dollars protect South Korea, where deference to one’s elders is deeply ingrained in the culture. Or that America conducts important relations with India, where there are decidedly “problematic” cultural attitudes toward skin color. Wait until they hear about comic books in Japan.

Listen, we all have to get through the Trump era alive and with our sanity. And I can understand wanting to get our cheap shots in at the president. But perhaps we can criticize him without playing the role of the ugly American, feigning horror at facts about the world we live in that are not new, and not surprising. Saudi Arabia is deeply Islamic, Israel is Jewish, and the Vatican has many Roman Catholic prelates in it. Maybe deep down you wish all these places were run by your local corporate human-resources department, but they aren’t, and our nation has to conduct business with them anyway. Get over yourselves.

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