How the Comey affair will be a decisive victory for Trump

There is no question that he told President Trump that on the basis of all evidence, Trump was not suspected of wrongdoing in his campaign’s relations with the Russian government, and Senator Feinstein, a militant Trump opponent, confirms that Comey had said this to her and the Senate Intelligence Committee chairman, Charles Grassley. The same person who rushed before the cameras to convict but excuse from charges Mrs. Clinton, could express privately the innocence of Mr. Trump, but could give no hint of it publicly, even though he knew perfectly well that the continuing confected cloud of the Russian collusion allegation seriously impeded the ability of the administration to govern. One could ransack the annals of Hollywood and of pulp fiction to find a more deserving candidate for summary dismissal than this mountebank who apparently fancied himself an electoral college of one to determine who was a suitable occupant of the presidency. There are reasonable questions about the firing of General Douglas MacArthur by President Truman, and about the firing of Archibald Cox and Elliott Richardson by President Nixon, but there are none about Comey…

The president made it clear that he seeks thoroughness even more than haste in concluding the investigation of the Russian collusion charges and innuendoes, and Mueller’s arrival proves it. The New York Times’ claim that Trump had upheld funding for the Russian investigation was debunked by the acting FBI director, Comey loyalist and Democrat Andrew McCabe. McCabe also debunked the theory that a special prosecutor was needed, as the FBI had not been interfered with and would carry out the investigation scrupulously and thoroughly. Rod Rosenstein debunked the Times-Post story that he (Rosenstein) had threatened to resign. Despite this, the unimaginably ludicrous Chuck Schumer still demanded a special prosecutor, now with a foregone conclusion of the ultimate result, as the price for approving any nominee for FBI director, (even if it were Hillary Clinton). Mueller’s appointment cuts the Democrats off at the ankles.

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