Trump wants us to impeach him or something

Not fun! No wonder Trump decamps nearly every weekend to his own golf clubs and resorts and luxury digs. Why does he hate Washington? Has he ever even laid eyes on Camp David?

The president needs an exit strategy that makes him look like a winner. He doesn’t deserve one; in fact, he may well turn out to deserve impeachment. But that would make him a loser and he’d fight it to the end, and the end would be a long time coming.

What would entice him to leave soon? Trump is not going to turn into a world-class philanthropist (a course I once envisioned for Mitt Romney). And Trump won’t become head of a university (been there, done that, and it wasn’t pretty). Nor can I see him growing a beard (Al Gore), promoting Viagra (Bob Dole) or taking up painting (George W. Bush). And I’d be shocked if Trump decided to devote his post-presidency to, say, fighting gerrymandering or poverty (Barack Obama).

Only one suitable option comes to mind: Somebody sell this man a TV network. He seemed to be musing about Trump TV before a comet struck Earth and he won the presidency. It’s been done — think Gore and Current TV. Trump TV would, of course, be much more yuge and would never, not ever, dare to morph into Al-Jazeera America or anything with a name like that.

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