The opioid epidemic tightens its grip on America

People are dying, yes, “but the broader dangers are ignored,” Lane said. “Think of the potency of the fentanyl that almost killed my officer. What if a kid had hugged him in the grocery store? Or an elderly person? They’d all be dead.”

And what if someone with larger, more devious plans in mind used such a toxic substance in an act of terrorism, he wonders. “Imagine if someone put that in the water system. Or tossed it on a crowd. Now think about that, the dangers are unlimited.”

And these deadly drugs? Well, they are pretty easy to get, Lane explains. “Just go on the Internet and order them from China. They deliver them to your door.”

Lane is dissatisfied with Kasich, who has cut funding and hurt the chief’s ability to go after dealers and track down the sources.

He’s hopeful that President Trump will make good on his promises to solve the epidemic.

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