As America talks of a failed Trump presidency, the world watches in fear

We Americans know that most all of the anti-Trump talk on TV and online is theatrical hyperbole, either Democratic venting or Republican whining — a slow-motion ramp-up to party-scale electioneering for the 2018 midterms.

We also know that any Allen Drury plot to bring down any president with scandal and justice is supposed to be simultaneously credible and far-fetched, sober-minded and loopy, spontaneous and contrived — what you expect from a first chapter that alleges a new president is a blackmail victim of a Chekhist despot.

In sum, we know that there is a deal of “WrestleMania” show business in the present disorder.

What we may not know is that some of America’s friends are rattled by what they hear and read of our gamesmanship.

What we may not know is that the people of genuinely vulnerable countries surrounded by hostiles are starting to look around for Plan B if America goes missing in the aftermath of a failed presidency.

What we may not know is that the pirates and cutthroats are watching our TV, too, and spying opportunity.

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