Stop treating Donald Trump like a child

Picking up where I left off, the usually incisive Ross Douthat’s musings about using the 25th Amendment to remove Pres. Trump from office — arguing that a “child cannot be president” — are entirely unpersuasive to me, and not just (as Charles C.W. Cooke notes) because of the “psychic shock” that action would inflict upon us, especially Trump voters.

As DecisionDeskHQ’s Drew McCoy suggested on Twitter, it also would be highly un-conservative to warp our institutions in this manner (regular readers know I’m very focused on institutions these days).

Noah C. Rothman and Liam Donovan are far closer to the mark in explaining why Trump (at this juncture anyway) is likely here to stay and thoughts of him leaving are wishful thinking.

Contra Douthat, Trump is not a child. The real question is why Trump’s supporters seem to agree with Douthat.

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