Russia is The Swamp, and The Swamp is winning

The mood among some top Republicans is turning to anger: So much has been squandered. “The damage to the agenda is permanent,” said a Republican working to pass Trump’s plans.

Et tu, Putin? In an article headlined, “Russia Grows Anxious Over U.S. Political Chaos Engulfing Trump,” Bloomberg reports: “Trump’s presidency appears hijacked by the U.S. obsession with Russia, one senior Kremlin official said. … [H]is fate looks increasingly uncertain to Kremlin policy makers.”

The Mueller appointment could have been used as a temporary lifeline — an excuse to fence The Swamp, and try to get lawmakers and journalists to focus on Trump’s plans, at least until findings emerged.

Several top operatives gave me a similar plan of attack. You’d say: “I’m happy Robert Mueller is going to get to the bottom of this. He’s perfect for the job, and I’m eager to cooperate.” Then say no more. When you’re asked about Russia, point the questioner to your previous statement, then talk about tax reform

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