On special counsel appointments, Democrats played Republicans for fools

While this week the media will write hagiographies about Mueller, the same propaganda apparatus that has evinced a nearly pathological hatred for Trump will exert unimaginable public pressure on him in due time. And if it starts to look like Mueller might fail to take some scalps to placate the apoplectic anti-Trump Left, the media storyline about this legendary public servant will dramatically shift. Just as we saw with recently pink-slipped FBI Director James Comey during his last months in office, he will go from hero to hack in the blink of an eye.

Additionally, this adds to an undeniable momentum for the “impeach Trump” crowd. First National Security Advisor Michael Flynn was fired, then Attorney General Sessions recused himself, then a series of sensationalized Trump missteps, and now a special counsel has the reins of the DOJ’s most politically sensitive investigation.

The mere existence of the special counsel will be taken by many on the Left as vindication that they were right all along, that Trump is every bit the sociopathic falsifier they have claimed he is, and that the dictates of justice demand a warm Trump administration body in a cold, soul-crushing cell. They have gotten a recusal, and a firing. Now they want a conviction.

All of this will encourage the worst elements of the Democrat Party and embolden those pathologically predisposed to hating Trump.

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