Why Congress will probably never see Trump’s "tapes" of his conversations with James Comey

Top Democrats and Republicans in Congress may say they want to get their hands on any tapes President Trump may have made of his conversations with FBI Director James B. Comey, which could lend clues as to why Trump fired him.

And if the president won’t hand them over, Congress could force him. But almost no one in Congress seems willing to take that step.

First, how Congress could get the tapes: Congress could issue a subpoena requiring Trump to give them the recordings (assuming the tapes actually exist, about which many lawmakers are skeptical). A subpoena would essentially put the president afoul of the law if he doesn’t hand them over to Congress. The Senate Intelligence Committee recently issued a subpoena to force Trump’s former national security adviser, Michael Flynn, to hand over documents related to the committee’s Russia investigation.

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