The Irrationals: Trump’s opponents are his greatest asset

If you got your “news” from Rachel Maddow you were lied to; you were misinformed.

But liberals don’t care. No lie is too much, no conspiracy too extreme to be believed as gospel truth. They’re irrational.

And those irrationals are helping Donald Trump. If they could control themselves, be honest, or even just silent and rational for a while the president could find himself in trouble. But they can’t.

The juxtaposition between anything Trump does or says and dozens of journalists and cable news talking heads screaming “the sky is falling” is no contest.

There is no media monopoly anymore. When reporters lie, people find out about it. The old model just doesn’t work. Even people who don’t like Trump like irrational Chicken Littles less. They may be Donald Trump’s greatest asset.

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