The impotence of the anti-Trump ruling class

Most Americans look at the firing and say: Who cares? To them, Comey is just one more self-serving pol in D.C. The elite’s hyperventilating predictions about his firing as a permanent blot on the Trump presidency is a joke. By next week, most Americans won’t even remember the details of this controversy.

In its clawing fury over Trump, the ruling class reveals nothing but its own impotence and insularity. They are just a collection of unconvincing bores talking to themselves. One can only laugh at the delusional quality of their mutterings. Take this whopper in the New York Times’s editorial on the Comey firing: “Mr. Comey was fired because he was leading an active investigation that could bring down a president.”

Wow, sounds ominous. But what is that investigation again? How does it implicate Trump? The Times can’t tell us. We are just supposed to accept on its say-so that it is all pretty bad.

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