Trump can't win the press

Everyone is now used to the simple fact that no matter what he does, Trump cannot win the press. And that’s why no one should look to it for an indication of whether he’s doing anything right.

Depending on what mood the Washington media wake up in on any given day, Trump is either dumb and expected to screw up (i.e. Charles Blow wittily referring to Trump in every column as “president” in quotes) or it’s, Hey, why isn’t he doing everything like a normal president? Constitutional crisis!

The president’s version of events is that he felt Comey was no longer up to the job and that he asked the Justice Department to make a case for his firing.

That’s inconsistent with the original White House story that the president made his decision based solely on the recommendation of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein.

The media have seized this point with a vice grip as if it proves something.

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