Fox News executive editor: Does Donald Trump want to be president?

Why then does the president muddy the political waters by ranting against Democrats who oppose him, against news organizations that ask tough questions, against foreign leaders who pursue policies different from his? Why does he obsessively remind Americans that it was he, and not Hillary Clinton, who was elected president? Why must he spar with television personalities who dislike him?

Bellwether wonders whether Trump actually plans to stay in office for four years. Could he be considering a shorter stay in the White House, passing the baton to the widely respected Vice President Mike Pence? Might Trump feel that if and when he achieves his major goals – tighter borders, lower taxes, more American-made goods – he can declare victory and return to his successful career in the private sector?

The president, in his first four months in office, has accomplished much of which to be proud. Like Ronald Reagan, his optimism about America’s future is contagious. The stock market, which many predicted would tank if he were elected, has rebounded convincingly. Consumer confidence is up. Several major employers have announced that they will create thousands of jobs in America.

But his random tweets, his crude public use of insults and threats and his blatant disregard for decorum and the integrity of the office of president raise questions about his willingness to fulfill those duties for the long run.

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