Former FBI agent: James Comey wasn't doing his job

Mourning over the state of our republic is a reasonable response to President Donald Trump’s unceremonious canning of the FBI Director. But shedding tears for James Comey shouldn’t be. The timing and nature of the dismissal adds to the growing pile of evidence that the Trump Administration presents a clear and present danger to the rule of law, but Comey’s willful and repeated divergence from Justice Department policies deserved sanction, Trump’s questionable agenda aside. The now-former FBI Director’s actions may have tipped a presidential election and cast a cloud of illegitimacy over this government, a possibility only made worse if he also inadvertently assisted a hostile foreign nation in accomplishing the same goal. Though he claims this possibility mildly sickens him, he just last week vowed he would do it all again, even knowing what he knows today.

Those convinced the FBI Director was somehow finally on course to sink the Administration he helped bring to power are ignoring the facts and hoping against all reason. The available evidence suggests Comey’s FBI may not have pursued alleged Russian collusion with the Trump campaign with the necessary urgency, at least if you believe that a hostile foreign nation’s effort to influence a U.S. presidential campaign presents a national security threat of the highest dimension.

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