No, firing Comey won’t prove Trump’s undoing

The permanent crisis that is the Trump administration broke new, deeper ground on Tuesday afternoon as Baby Donald sacked FBI Director James Comey, whose sleuthing into connections between the Trump presidential campaign and Russia had discomposed him. The public uproar sounded immediately, as the cable channels went Full Bore Blitzer in their coverage and nearly every commentator and anchor (outside of the Fox News Channel) spotted the parallels between the Comey canning and President Richard Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre, the 1973 firing of an independent special prosecutor snooping into his Watergate misconduct and crimes.

Cable news loves nothing more than a crisis, so it has taken visible delight in Trump’s scenery-hogging antics over the past four months. The president’s violations of Washington’s norms and practices are so extreme—his sloppy executive order that courts have ruled was designed to ban Muslims from entering the country; his suspension of the refugee program; Prince Jared’s conflicts of interest; and his daily flip-flops (on China currency manipulation, NATO, the Federal Reserve, his Syrian bombing run, the Export-Import Bank, his Twitter provocations, et al.)—that he’s kept the networks and the newspapers fully stocked with daily and sometimes hourly news pegs for coverage.

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