"I wish he’d quit tweeting": Many Trump backers say it’s time for him to put down his phone

Although the president pledged to let go of his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account if elected, he has continued to tweet, insisting that it’s the only way he can bypass the media and directly connect with his supporters.

A Quinnipiac University poll last month found that 68 percent of registered voters said the president should stop tweeting from his personal account. Among Republicans, opinions were split, with 47 percent saying he should continue, 47 percent saying he should stop and 6 percent not caring. A Fox News poll of Trump voters in March found that 35 percent approved of his tweets — while 51 percent wished he would be more cautious and 12 percent disapproved.

And for those who are active on Twitter, interest in Trump’s tweeting is fading. The president’s tweets earn far fewer likes than they did during the election — or even when he first took office, according to a Bloomberg News analysis. Those who engage with Trump are more likely to be left-leaners leveling criticism than right-leaners lavishing love, according to an analysis by the Associated Press and Cortico, a media analytics nonprofit group.

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