The German military has a Nazi problem

The discovery came as officials investigated a soldier who planned a terrorist attack to bolster his far-right cause, according to prosecutors. The right-wing extremist had registered as a Syrian refugee at a German shelter, wore a disguise and even received a place to live and government payments, according to the BBC.

Investigators retracing the suspect’s steps traveled to the soldier’s barracks near Strasbourg in northeastern France and found memorabilia of the German army in Hitler’s era openly displayed in a common room.
Another barracks in southwest Germany unconnected to the case had Nazi-era helmets arranged in a display cabinet. On a wall, investigators found pictures of current soldiers wearing Nazi military decorations and helmets and gripping Nazi pistols.

The incidents are especially jarring in a country that’s highly sensitive about the historical black mark of the Nazi regime. The Washington Post’s Stephanie Kirchner and Anthony Faiola called Nazi portrayals “the ultimate cultural minefield.”

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