Rush Limbaugh pushing French election conspiracy theory

SO he says that he believes Macron made up the email leak in order to blame the Russians and scare French people into voting for him. But it was the alt-right who was spreading the story over the weekend, not Macron. This is just stupid. And he’s going WAY out of his way just to provide cover for Putin and Trump. I can’t believe how far Rush has fallen from decades ago when he was a stalwart defender of conservatism. Who knows what the heck he is now….

And what’s even more insane is that Macron won by 66% to 34%!! Are you seriously telling me a last minute story about emails pushed by alt-right idiots in the U.S. killed the election by 32%!??! It’s delusional and absurd, and it’s sad that his audience is so gullible.

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