Republicans: Obamacare repeal won't sink us in 2018

Based on previous nonpartisan and Democratic polling gauging support for Obamacare and the Republican alternative, its reasonable to determine that health care could be a problem for the GOP. But previously undisclosed data analytics measuring support for the AHCA, versus Obamacare, reveal that Republicans could be in better shape than conventional wisdom suggestion.

WPA Intelligence, the firm that handled polling and data for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’ presidential campaign, compiled analytics in several targeted House districts to gauge support for Obamacare, versus replacing the law with a market-driven health care reform reforms.

Only in 12 of the 25 most endangered GOP-held districts did the preference for Obamacare outpace support for Republican alternatives, according to data compiled in late March, after Republican leaders were forced to cancel a vote on the original version of the AHCA (the height of the unpopularity of the House GOP bill.)

WPA’s data also found that voters in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District also preferred repealing Obamacare and replacing it with conservative reform. The suburban Atlanta seat is the site of a hotly contested June 20 special election runoff, in which Republican Karen Handel supports the GOP bill, and Democrat Jon Ossoff opposes it.

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