Hillary’s election loss excuse means one thing -- she’s running in 2020

The Onward Together venture would fit the pattern, with self-promotion and private-jet perks guaranteed. By vacuuming up bags of cash and deciding who is worthy of it, she would be in a strong position to control the party.

It’s a bold move, but it could retard Dems’ rebuilding efforts. For one thing, there is no obvious space for her, with Sanders still active and with Obama heir Tom Perez running the national committee.

Even a Clinton funding success could spell trouble. She would be a juicy target for Republicans in the 2018 midterms, forcing Dem candidates to run from her in swing districts where she remains a pariah.

There also will be inevitable temptations with her new group. Like her family foundation, Onward Together probably will be free of donor and spending limits.

That could make it ripe for a repeat of the foundation’s sordid side. Amid its stench from selling access and favors, insider e-mails showed the foundation served as a front for “Bill Clinton Inc.,” with the former president using it to set up lucrative speaking and consultant gigs that brought him tens of millions of dollars.

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